3 World-Famous Jewellery Designers

Throughout the years, people have always loved ornaments and jewelleries. Even in pre-historic times, animal bones, teeth, and claws were used to make statement earrings, necklaces and other fascinating pieces. During those days, it was a symbol of strength and power, often worn by the leaders. Art pieces from ancient Greek and Roman times, medieval paintings, Reneissance masterpieces, and later on in current art forms, jewellery was and is omnipresent. Jewellery never loses its shine and value, thus, it is not surprising that it is painted and seen as something eternal. Everyone dreams to own the best piece of jewellery. Famously, are not diamonds a girl’s best friend?

shutterstock_441060223Art-lovers should impress with beautiful jewellery designs

Many great designers have become famous in the jewellery industry. For example, it would be a difficult task to find someone, who has not heard about Tiffany & Co. The famous brand was started by Charles Lewis Tiffany, but it was his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, who is known for the most iconic designs. Anyone with an eye for beauty should consider bachelors in design. Artistic people, who love to use their talents and see their finished handwork, should definitely pursue their dreams in design. Following famous jewellery designers, apply to study design, and make your work known around the world!

The most inspiring jewellery designers

A piece of jewellery has always had the role of being a statement maker. Moreover, today, jewelleries are more affordable and creative than ever before. Many talented youngsters design jewelleries, making the industry more competitive. Thus, providing buyers with more choices. One of the most talented names in the field Alex Woo. She was named as a rising talent in 2006, and she continues to work in the gem scene. She has worked with several celebrities, including Christina Applegate. Other, among the best, jewellery designers are Gee Woods and Nektar De Stagni, who design classic, yet modern, jewelleries. Get inspired by their stunning pieces!