5 Reasons Fashion Studies Will Set You Up For A Prosperous Career

When most people think of fashion, they think about clothes and accessories or the distinctive trends of the day. In reality, fashion is a popular style that covers everything from makeup to furniture or even people’s behaviour. It is something that we all accept and deal with every day. It is a language that tells a story about the person who chooses the clothes or the product brand. The fashion world is constantly changing and there are many influences. Films, music , television and famous people all have an effect on new ideas and the development of the latest creations. One thing is definite – the fashion industry is big business.

shutterstock_342684212Studying for a future in Fashion

There has never been a better time to forge a career within the fashion industry. It covers a wide spectrum of jobs and careers and there are courses to specialise in any chosen sector. Many undergraduate fashion degrees offer a broad introduction to all the different aspects of fashion. Those who already know their field can take a more specialised fashion degree. For example, you can take an entire degree in every subject from fashion management, photography, journalism, buying to concept and illustration. You can even take a Bachelors in design which specialises in architecture and urban design. The list is endless.

Find a career in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is not just about designers and catwalk models showing the latest trends. It is typically split into the four main fields of design, manufacturing, marketing and sales. These areas cover a massive range of opportunities from pattern cutting to communication. The top paid jobs in the industry last year were for fashion editors, marketing experts and designers. However, fashion is also about passion. It can be an extremely competitive environment and is constantly evolving. Most people choose a career where they have creative talent or are working with something that they love. Whatever your aspirations, it is time to start studying today.