A Brief History Of Gucci

When thinking about world’s most famous brands and iconic fashion labels, a few of them stand out and come to mind faster than others. One of them is Gucci. The fashion empire was established in 1921 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. The young Italian used to work in hotels in Paris and London. He was impressed by the luxurious luggage the hotel guest would have with themselves. Later on, he went back to his home country and opened his first boutique with fine leather goods. And that’s how it all began.

shutterstock_375497686A touch of luxury

Slowly, with the help of his three sons, none of whom had a bachelors in design, Gucci grew the business and expanded it to Milan and Rome. At that time the staple double-G logo was born and imprinted on handbag canvas. Even though Gucci slowly introduced machine work to his manufactures, the brand still paid a lot of attention to stitching and final details. It guaranteed a personal touch to every product, uniqueness and high quality of the sold goods. Gucci became a world famous name in the 1950s, when brothers Gucci opened their office in New York and introduced the brand to film stars.

A timeless classic

Later on, due to family issues, the company had to bring in help from the outside. One of the most notable ones was Dawn Mello, who also hired Tom Ford, to help design new collections and freshen up Gucci’s image. It turned out to be a huge success. Nowadays Gucci stores can be found in many places of the globe. Each of them offers a wide range of the brand’s products, that will satisfy even the pickiest shoppers. Also, in Florence, where it all started, there is a museum, that documents the long history of the brand.