Great Young Designers Of The Moment

Marina Skia

9431d4_2a3ff0fa03524a0595eee4c5a3802ca8-jpg_srz_500_334_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_Marina Skia won the 2016 International Jewelry London (IJL) KickStart first prize. She is a Greek jeweler working mostly in silver and brass to create elegant fashion jewelry using designs inspired by the natural world. The sea and water are among her strongest inspirations and her work is characterized by boldness, clean lines, and carefully picked out detail.

Jonna Jarvenpaa and Laura Vilppula

Jonna Jarvenpaa and Laura Vilppula are both Finns living in London. They have jointly formed a design company, Addalit, which makes jewelry by hand in London either as limited edition pieces or in a “semi-bespoke” form where the customer personalizes one of their limited edition designs.

Emma Calvert

Emma Calvert graduated in woven textiles from Central St Martins and her work as such was originally concerned with weaving. She moved on from there to textile jewelry.

Joanna Bury

Like Emma Calvert, Joanna Bury came to jewelry from a different field. She began as a lingerie designer and that influence can be seen in her work with sand-blasted acrylics and precious metals.

Sammie Jo Coxon

Sammie Jo Coxon has designed jewelry for some very well-known dress couturiers. She attributes some of her designs to work on her father’s farm during the harvest, and her Demeter design (Demeter is the harvest goddess) bears out her plan to make stylish, sleek and sexy jewelry.

Cécile Gilbert

Practicing as “Tiki,” Cécile Gilbert is a French jeweler who lives and works in Brighton on England’s south coast. She works in oxidized silver and polyester resin and creates stunning 21st century pieces from the unlikely inspiration of the Bakelite jewelry that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Vicky Lew

Vicky Lew is another designer from a foreign land who has settled and thrives in England. Originally from Malaysia, Vicky Lew graduated from Central St Martins and still lives and works in London. Much of her work is in precious metals and Swarovski gemstones and captures the beauty of birds in flight; indeed, one of her ranges is called, quite simply, “Flight.”