How Chanel Became One Of The Biggest Jewelry Brand

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, popularly known as Coco Chanel, is the pioneer behind the Chanel brand. The latest addition to her repertoire has been the success of the jewelry range. Coco was instrumental in establishing the brand starting off as a small time designer with a great fashion sense. Her taste for luxurious apparel and taste for sophistication drove her as she catered to womens’ taste with nice designed dress and jewelry using gemstones. The name Coco was used for promotion when she used to be a professional singer in her early days.

shutterstock_3276428The Chanel brand lives on even after Coco

It has been around four decades since Coco has left the world but her legacy lives on in Chanel brand. Such is the legacy that some of the best Bachelors in design courses have a dedicated module on Coco Chanel. The success of Coco in her days was due to the fact that most of the designers in those days used to be men, who had little idea about what women want. Coco changed that with her satin dresses the most famous being the “little black dress”. With her vision of loose fitting dresses, she saw the future of fashion and is remembered in the fashion world as a visionary.

The Jewellery from Chanel complements the designer dresses

The best part of the Chanel brand is that the jewellery they have introduced is as per the taste of the women who like to dress well. In fact, they do a proper survey of the elite women’s likes and dislikes before launching every piece of jewellery. They also take care to blend the jewellery with the popular designer dresses. The idea of fashion being present in nature given by the visionary designer still lives on in her line of designer clothes, bags and jewellery. Simple but outstanding designs is the main reason behind the success of the Chanel jewellery brand. Isn’t it?