International Jewelry London

pp14795International Jewelry London (IJL) is the yearly highlight for the jewelry industry in the UK – and not just in the UK, because it attracts buyers from 64 countries around the world to see the work of (last time out) 550 designers, manufacturers, suppliers of loose gemstones and suppliers of retail services.

The next show will be held from 3rd to 5th September 2017 and will take place at the Olympia, London. However, that by no means tells the whole story, because IJL is a year-round contributor to the jewelry business both in the UK and outside it. (The 2016 winner of the Bright Young Gems program was from Turkey).

The whole purpose of IJL is not just to provide a retail showcase once each year, but to promote standards and innovation in jewelry design and manufacture throughout the year.

Bright Young Gems

The point of the Bright Young Gems program is to identify the rising stars in contemporary jewelry. To that end, it selects five young designers in their final year as students and puts their work before a judging panel as prestigious as anything that can be imagined.


KickStart is, in a sense, the next step following Bright Young Gems, in that it seeks to find emerging UK designers who are already in business, offering them the chance to take their business to the next level. The National Association of Jewelers (NAJ) works with IJL to choose 10 designers to showcase their work on a group stand in the Design Gallery. A trade audience of more than 10,000, together with jewelry trade experts, guarantees exposure at a level that cannot fail to have the designers noticed where they need to be.

IJL 2016 saw exhibitors reporting record levels of new orders and increased attendance from senior buyers from across the globe. Coming so soon after the Brexit result, this can be seen as a huge vote of confidence in the UK jewelry industry.